Product Features

The feature-rich user interface brings together many common technologies that users are already familiar with, such as social networking, cloud-based document management and modern reporting techniques, all wrapped into a single customisable application.

Key features include:

  • Customisable Workflow Engine
  • Tile-based User Interface allowing for ‘at-a-glance’ analysis of multiple metrics at the same time
  • Dashboard/Tile design using ‘My Designer’
  • Cloud-based document management using ‘My Cloud’
  • Business-to-business connectivity using ‘My Network’
  • Instant Messaging using ‘My Messenger’
  • Self-Service Security Administration
  • Customisable API that offers EDI XLS/CSV/TXT/XML processing
  • Integrated Notification Module for issuing event-driven alerts via Email and SMS
  • Fully comprehensive Purchase Order Management module
  • Bespoke Track & Trace solutions to help you provide your customers with visibility of their merchandise
  • Warehouse Management Module
  • Customisable reports that allow you to save views of data and make them available to other users